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Dropping off children

Unfortunately, you will not be able to enter the building to drop children off, as we are following guidance to minimise risk to spread. We understand that this is going to be a difficult especially as some of you have not met us or seen the setting or how we operate.

Please try and not be anxious as the children will sense your anxiety.

The children that have been with us, we are asking that your children say goodbye at the door.

New children we will see how they are on the day. It could be essential for you to come in and help settle, but not to delay going as you still must separate. If you need to come in, you will need to wear a mask. Once we feel your child is settled you will then say goodbye at the door.

Please be assured we have the best interests of your child’s welfare and no child upset will learn anything.



You can start to collect your children 30 minutes from finishing time, This is to minimise contact with other parents, where we will bring your child out to you. You can then stop and talk to us about your child’s day.  Please remember this will be a remarkably busy time and it may take some time to get round to everyone. If you need a longer time to talk to us please wait till the end. 


Snack time

Children will have a variety of fresh fruit, vegetables and cereals. They will be learning about different fruits, help prepare them. They will learn about being independent, pouring their own drinks and washing their dishes afterwards. 


Star of the week 

Your child will bring home a box with a trophy and note pad. Please can they can keep the trophy at home for the week to share with family and friends.  The notebook will be for you to add pictures and write wonderful things your children enjoy doing at home.

Can they please bring in their special items in the box to share with their friends, this will make them to feel special and have a positive outcome on their self-esteem.  


Travel Ted

Travel ted likes going on loads of adventures.

Please could you take him on special outings, or even invite Travel ted for tea, we would like to make a book of travel teds adventures and see your children share their experiences with us. If you would like to have Travel Ted please ask a member of staff.



We will be enrolling new children as quick as possible so you can keep up to date of your child’s progress.   Please look on there at the pictures of the activities and what your children have enjoyed playing with.

You can also upload pictures of the lovely things you do at home with your children. 



All staff have completed ICAN training which is language and communication training,we are filtering this down to all relevant children through small group work 



Please remember uniform is on sale

Jumpers £12.50

Polo tops £11.00



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